Videogame Shopping Trip Report #1: $19.99 Games and Great Customer Service

It had been over a month since I bought a videogame. The last game I bought was Need for Speed Shift for $19.99 at a local Kmart at the end of January. So last weekend when I had to do some shopping for groceries and general household merchandise, I decided to go to the same Kmart where I bought Need For Speed Shift and check out the videogames in their electronics department.

The last time I was there I also saw Army of Two: The 40th Day for $19.99 and at that time I passed on it due to my backlog. I was curious to see if the game was still there, and sure enough it was there, so this time I decided to pick it up. The weird thing is that last time I saw over a dozen copies of it, but this time there were only 4 copies. I wonder what happened to the other copies? Did people buy them all? Did the employees put them back in the back storage room? Are they even supposed to do that?

Scanning the videogames section, I also noticed a couple of games had gotten price drops. My original intent was to go to this Kmart to buy only one game, but before I knew it – Boom! – I walked out with four games.

Isn’t it funny how you (more often then not) go into a store looking to buy one videogame and end up walking out with several more? Happens to me all the time!

In total, I bought Army of Two: The 40th Day, Dead to Rights Retribution, Quantum Theory, and Iron Man 2. All four games were $19.99 each.

One memorable thing did happen to me when I went to the cashier to pay for my stuff, but before I get to that, one thing to note is that they were having trouble accepting this guy’s “Shop Your Way Rewards” card, as his card wouldn’t scan. Thankfully my card scanned fine and I got my points, but I have been hearing people having issues with their SYWR cards lately. Hopefully they iron out these issues soon.

So when I arrive at cashier to pay for my items, her register decides to freeze when she clicked on the option to not have me pay for the replacement plans for my games. To use that same register again, they would have to reboot it, which would take about 5 minutes. Fortunately for me, the cashier talked to the head cashier lady, who preceded to transfer my stuff to the register at the customer service section and check me out there. This time every thing went smoothly and I was able to pay for my stuff very quickly and without any hassle.

I must say, I’m very impressed with the great customer service here. I’m extremely happy with the way the two lady cashiers handled this situation. They got me checked out and on my way in a very timely manner. I will definitely be shopping at this Kmart more often.

Now the weird thing is this is the second time that a Kmart register has frozen during one of my transactions but it was at a different Kmart. It was the same issue too – the cashier clicked on the option for me not to buy the replacement plans for my videogames and her register froze. That time I did have to wait the 5 minutes for the register to reboot. The lady cashier was very polite though and apologized several times for me having to wait.

Now as for my thoughts on the games I picked up, I had read/heard that that the online trophies for Army of Two: The 40th Day, while time consuming, aren’t that hard, so therefore I think the platinum trophy is doable. In fact, one of my PSN friends struggled for the longest time to get his first platinum trophy and when he finally got a platinum, it was for this game.

The original Dead to Rights on the PS2 is one of my favorite action/shooting games of last gen. However, Dead to Rights II (PS2 version) was very disappointing – in many ways they took a step back from the original, which is not what you want in a sequel. The story and gameplay were worse than in the first game. The shooting mechanics were quite terrible, as shooting the bad guys was harder than it should be. Therefore this made playing the game harder than it should be. I believe one reason for this discrepancy is that both games were developed by different companies. I did beat Dead to Rights 1, but can not recall if I ever beat Dead to Rights II. Hopefully Dead to Rights: Retribution will be (at least) as good as the original game.

Quantum Theory and Vanquish were two “under the radar” third-person action/shooting games released last fall that I had interest in, but wanted to wait for a price drop/sale. Quantum Theory did get some bad reviews but I have enjoyed playing games that were badly reviewed before, so hopefully I’ll enjoy Quantum Theory. I also was looking to buy Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. At this Kmart, Vanquish was $39.99 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was $49.99, so I passed on both games.

I also saw Yakuza 3 for $14.99 and both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West were $19.99 (both also come with a store exclusive comic). I would have picked up both Yakuza 3 and Enslaved (PS3 version) if I didn’t have them already.

And finally, I won’t lie, I mainly bought Iron Man 2 because I heard it has an easy platinum trophy. If it turns out to be a halfway decent game, that will be groovy.

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